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International Silkisondan Association.


Kha's Karate

About Silkisondan Karate

Silkisondan Karate is a system developed by Master Thinh Nguyen, 7th Dan, which is based in the original International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) style of Tae Kwon Do. Master Nguyen traveled to China and Japan where he earned equally high rankings in Judo, Kung Fu, and Karate.

Many years before the mixed martial arts craze, Master Nguyen combined these styles into a balanced martial arts system. Silkisondan Karate holds true to the traditional values of the martial arts. Our instructors teach from a love, respect and passion for these traditions. They earn their living elsewhere, so teaching is not a vocation for our Sensei; it is a calling. We have classes available in central Virginia area: including Richmond, Hanover (Mechanicsville), New Kent, and Goochland; In northern Virinia: Ananndale, VA, and Florida: Tallahassee.

Silkisondan roughly translates as “the Way of the Flowering Path.” As life is a journey, so are the martial arts. With each day we grow and develop at our own individual pace and we enjoy the path as it opens or “flower"s along the way.

In the Silkisondan Karate Association our mantra is “Karate for Life.” Those who join our association will earn their rank at their own pace. And for them, the martial arts will become a way of life, a journey into ourselves, a journey of understanding. As Master Nguyen says, “Know yourself; Improve yourself.”

About Kha’s Karate

Kha’s Karate School was established in 2016 in Annandale, Virginia. In addition to learning aspects of self-discipline, self-control, respect, and character, Kha’s Karate teaches self defense with an emphasis on traditional martial arts. We welcome students of all ages and levels.

Instructor bio

Sensei Kha Nguyen was born in Denver, CO, and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. He received his first karate uniform and white belt at the age of four and has studied since. He and his five siblings learned karate from their father, Master Thinh Nguyen, who founded the Silkisondan Karate Association. Sensei Kha currently holds a fourth dan black belt in karate. When he’s not teaching martial arts, Sensei Kha is a Linux system admin/AWS devops engineer. He lives in Fairfax, Virgniia, and spends his free time with his wife and two daughters.


6930 Little River Turnpike Suite A
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 209-0729

Class schedule (Effective 10-1-2022)

Beginner Class I (White belts 8-and-under)

Tuition Special for the beginner class I is $75 per month. Free uniform with one year commitment.
Day Times
Tuesday, Thursday 5:00 - 5:45 PM

Beginner Class II (students 8-13 years old)

Day Times
Tuesday, Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

13 and over/family classes

Day Times
Monday, Wednesday 6:20 - 7:35 PM
Saturday 11:15 AM- 12:30 PM

Adult class

Day Times

Private lessons, Family classes

Day Times
upon request upon request

Orientation for new students

Day Times
Will be scheduled as needed Will be scheduled as needed

Tuition (Effective 9/1/2022)

Monthly payments

$175 / month for each student
$35 annual membership fee per family.
Karate uniform: $75 per student (includes alterations to fit, school logo embroidery, and patch)

Semi-annual payments

$135 / month for the first family member
$100 / each additional family member
$35 annual membership fee per family.
Karate uniform: $75 per student (includes alterations to fit, school logo embroidery, and patch)

Annual payments

$120 / month for the first family member
$80 / month for the second family member
$50 / each additional member
Free karate uniform with 1 year commitment and full payment up front.
Annual membership fee is waived if tuition is paid annually.


Rank belt tests

The second Saturday in January.
The second Saturday in April.
The second Saturday in July.
The second Saturday in October.
(subject to change)

Black belt tests

As a part of the International Silkisondan Karate Association, Kha’s Karate participates in semi-annual black belt promotion tests which are held in Richond, Virginia. Dates will be announced as condidates are reviewed approved for promotion.

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Kha's karate is located in Annandale, Virginia. We welcome all levels and ages.

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