Q and A with Master Thinh

Posted by Silkisondan Karate on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Q and A with Master Thinh 2023 [Draft]

What is meditation?

What is awareness?

What is mindfulness?

What is enlightenment?

What is wisdom?

What is discipline?

What is control?

What is respect?

What is dedication?

What is strength and weakness?

and what is LOVE?

What does karate training mean to you? How do you train(hard/soft/both)? How do you train when teaching class? What is the most important part of training to you?

What percentage of your training should be hard/soft? What percentage of a class should be for techniques/basics/sparring/forms?

How do you run a class for kids under 12 years old versus teenage kids? versus adults? Do you teach differently? if so, how?

How can you teach karate without taking so much time to talk and explain techniques?

When you teach how do you get students to do what you want without explicitly asking them to do so?

What minimum standards do you set for techniques? How do you enforce those standards?

How often do you use the bamboo stick? When do you use the bamboo stick? How do you decide who gets the bamboo stick?

How do you feel about weapons training?

What are good women’s self defense techniques to practice?

Should you supplement karate training with other sports and activities or is karate training enough?

How do you feel about tournaments?